Congratulations to Will Jernigan, whose article entitled, “Water You Missing?: The World of Non-Revenue Water” was in the Fall edition of THE GEORGIA OPERATOR, the Official Journal of the Georgia Association of Water Professionals. The article details the proactive measures taken by Georgia mandating  that water audits are done statewide. Jernigan explains why we care about Non-Revenue Water, and why these figures along with data validity are inherently important as an effective strategy to reduce water loss. Georgia is now mandating water audits as a programmatic strategy for the Non-Revenue Water Loss management.  Georgia is leading the states as a front-runner in drought and water resources management, and should be recognized for early adoption of the American Water Works Association’s (AWWA) standard Water Audit. The Georgia Water Loss Control Committee is working to improve the Data validity scores, and reduction of NRW throughout the state and is working to update the Georgia Water Loss Control  Manual with details and calculations for the Water audit; the updated edition is due out in early 2014.

To read the full article, click here and turn to page 73.

The article was also picked up in the Spring edition of VA AWWA’s “Tap Into Virginia,” (page 34)

and recently by Chesapeake AWWA’s Chesapeake Magazine.

Will Jernigan is Cavanaugh’s Director of Water Efficiency. He is on the AWWA Water Loss Control Committee, and a member of the Georgia Water Loss Control Committee.  Will spearheaded the 10-month Statewide Water Efficiency Training Program which simultaneously trained over 100 small water systems in Georgia.

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