Cavanaugh Wins National Honor Award!

Cavanaugh Wins Grand Conceptor Award!

Slick Solutions

Fairforest Septage & Grease Receiving Station, Spartanburg, SC

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Water System Leaking?

Cavanaugh can find them!

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Pig Power!

Creating Green Energy from Swine Waste

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Water Loss Control

and Revenue Recovery

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A small firm in a Big Pond

Have you ever had an idea that you knew would change the world, and now wish that idea was a reality? Our team wakes up every day asking “how can we bring significant value in a world changing way?” Our Innovative team of Engineers, Surveyors, and Problem Solvers maximize our earth’s resources as we create for future generations. With our client partners, we have transformed waste into renewable resources by guiding utilities in the recovery of revenue through water loss control, to creating bioenergy from organic waste. Standing out in a world that is so crowded allows Cavanaugh to lead others in a way that delivers Stewardship through Innovation.