The Ontario Water Works Association recently hosted the OWWA Water Efficiency Seminar entitled, “Water Efficiency Planning for Tomorrow” on October 24th in Kitchener, Ontario.

The Topics were varied including Common Misconceptions of Water Rates and Revenue Recovery, An efficiency guide: 20 Steps to a Successful Water Conservation Program, Pressure Management, Emerging Drivers for Efficiency in Canada, and included Best Management Practices in Ontario, Canada.

Cavanaugh’s Will Jernigan presented via webinar and revealed “The State of Non-Revenue Water in North America.” Will’s presentation identified U.S. states that are adopting policy, the regulatory landscape, progress in statewide technical assistance programs to help utilities formalize a conservation plan, and displayed how many states are validating their water audits to find lost revenues and water leakage. It also focused on emerging Non-revenue Water performance benchmarks, and how standards are being developed in the industry. Did you know that right here in North Carolina one utility Cavanaugh has been working with has found over a million dollars in lost revenue in the last ten years? Will Jernigan works AWWA and IWA, and other industry leaders in developing manuals and tools, and standards for best practices, for the water industry.

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