A Compelling Case Study in Water Auditing and Revenue Recovery

Part of U.S. EPA & AWWA – Webinar:
Using Water Audits to Understand Water Loss
Thursday, January 26th, 2012, 11a – 1p

How did a 5,000 connection utility in eastern North Carolina see a 15% jump in water and sewer revenues in a single year without raising rates? They embraced accountability and efficiency like no other, that’s how. In just under 12 months since conducting their first AWWA Water Audit and initiating a Revenue Recovery Program with Cavanaugh, they have identified and captured over $750,000 of additional annual water and sewer revenues.

The AWWA National Water Loss Control Committee has deemed the use of the term “unaccounted for water” (UFW) as a performance indicator to be inaccurate, unreliable and dated. For years water system managers have considered their system in good shape if their UFW was 10% or less. Recent advancements in the field of water loss accounting leave UFW in the dust, and provide sound, standardized methodology for measuring and managing water system efficiency. AWWA water auditing is gaining significant momentum in the Southeast United States, both as a regulatory requirement and as a business practice of its own merits.

Join us for this critical event as Cavanaugh’s Will Jernigan, P.E. shares more about what happened when a small utility took ownership of its accountability and efficiency:

How they translated this into real dollars in a big way and a small amount of time.
How they are capitalizing on low-hanging fruit to propel the Revenue Recovery Program to the next level.
What this means for operational efficiency and customer trust.

This free webinar will take place:

Thursday, January 26th, 2012, 11a – 1p

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