4/7 to 4/10      AWWA Sustainable Water Management
Nashville, TN
Will Jernigan discusses methods for
increasing Water Efficiency & how
utilities can change current practices.

4/9 to 4/10      UNC-Charlotte’s IDEAS Center
BioEnergy Symposium on Anaerobic Technologies
Steve and Gus will be at Cavanaugh’s
booth. Gus is presenting “Waste to Energy-
Digester Systems,” and is a panelist for
“On the Horizon – Anaerobic Technologies
Summit & network Event,” which discusses the
feasibility/future of anaerobic technology.

4/9 – 4/11     Environmental Virginia Symposium
Lexington, VA
Steve Cavanaugh will present, “Embracing
Water Efficiency Practices – What Really
Compels a Utility to Change Entrenched Business

4/14 – 4/16      NC AWWA-WEA Spring Fling
Wilmington Convention Center
Will Jernigan provides a program overview of the
wildly successful “Water Audit Technical Assistance
& Training for Small Systems in Georgia,” and gives
insight to how benchmarks for water efficiency are
emerging in the Southeast U.S.

Gus will present, “Next Generation Technology –
Digester Systems.”

4/16 – 4/17    GAWP Spring Conference
Steve Cavanaugh will be present and is looking
forward to meeting with all the water professionals.

4/23           Cavanaugh’s Officers will head to Washington, DC for
the National ACEC Engineering Excellence Awards Gala.
After winning the state of North Carolina’s   2013 ACEC
Henry A. Stikes Grand Conceptor Engineering Excellence
, they are entered into the national competition.
We are cheering for you, and wish you the best of luck at this event!