Earlier this month, we spent time in San Diego at one of the most comprehensive water industry conferences in the nation – NAWL2017. With nearly 100 presenters, panel discussions, and exhibitor talks there was a little something for everyone. Were you one of the over 530 attendees also there? What was your favorite part?

It truly was an amazing experience seeing, hearing, speaking and learning amongst other likeminded professionals who all have one greater plan in mind – encouraging best business practices to conserve our earthly resources, specifically water. NAWL2017 was a great way to re-energize for the new year that is very fast approaching.

2017 in general brought on a strong emphasis in best business practices and water loss management within utilities. Most notably, there is an ongoing Technical Assistance Program in California which will be running into its second year of action in 2018. Several states – including Arizona, Washington, Wisconsin and Utah… – are not far behind with similar strategies and implementation.

This sort of methodology is sweeping across the nation and does not appear to be slowing down, which makes the upcoming new year even more exciting. Cavanaugh will continue to provide innovative solutions and programs that optimize water efficiency and we are excited to continue to assist those who are ready to take control of their water loss and implement best business practices for water management.

Want to learn more about how a water utility can take control of their losses? Cavanaugh offers several resources to help you. You can start by taking a Non-Revenue Water Practices Questionnaire that will help us understand your utility better.

The great thing about NAWL2017 and its predecessor NAWL2015 in Georgia is the success of a single focused conference event. With everything that is happening in our other major line of business – bioenergy with directed biogas – the wheels are churning. As of today, Optima KV – the State of North Carolina’s first directed biogas project – is producing gas and only awaiting injection point acceptance construction by Piedmont Natural Gas. Like the groundbreaking work in water efficiency, we expect bioenergy to truly be that next frontier of innovation. Stay tuned to learn more.

We are ready for 2018 and all the possibilities it holds – are you?