The essentials for success

The most successful Non-Revenue Water (NRW) programs are those that are 1) well designed – based on reliable accounting and analysis – and those that are 2) well implemented – with support, reinforcement and coaching to embrace the program as a way of doing business.

NRW Programs

The implementation of the program must be rational and methodical, and sequenced in a way that gets to the right activities at the right time.

The utility team is an essential ingredient. NRW spans all departments in a water system, and the team must do the same. Within the utility team there must be a critical mass of the right behaviors, attitudes and techniques to ensure NRW success.

The coach is an essential ingredient. Even the world’s highest level athletes utilize a coach. The coach provides perspective and expertise, and serves as a catalyst for improvement and increased effort.

The final essential ingredient is a system. Without tracking, structure and accountability, the tyranny of the urgent wins out and we fall back to the way we’ve always done things.

Long term success in reducing NRW and improved business practices is inevitable when these essential ingredients are applied over time.

Coaching Chart