The U.S. population grows by one person every 15 seconds.

The total amount of water grows by one gallon never.

These are the words that donned the jumbotron in NY Times Square in 2014. Part of a broad reaching Never Waste campaign launched by the Alliance for Water Efficiency, this message is one that affects all of us. It is a message with alarm and hope at the same time. Each year at the Watersmart Innovations conference I observe that the reach of water awareness continues to grow very steadily. The drivers that compel us to change our views and behaviors about water, some natural and some man-made, are advancing the blue revolution. It is happening in places you would expect. Texas, California. But it is also happening in water rich areas. I live in a part of our country that gets 4 to 5 feet or more of rain each year. Which incidentally is why, as a conservation professional, I travel for work. But significant shifts are being seen in areas like the Great Lakes states, even the Northwest.

Benjamin Franklin said when the well runs dry we shall know the value of water. I think we are going to figure it out before then.

Water is life. Save it.

Learn more about the Never Waste campaign here.


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