One of Cavanaugh’s award-winning projects was featured in the May edition of Public Works Magazine. The article entitled “Slick Solutions” is about the innovative grease and septage receiving station at the Fairforest Wastewater Treatment Facility in Spartanburg, SC.

Cavanaugh’s unique design and engineering

–  created an innovative solution for separating grease and septage
–  pretreats before integration
–  allows for automatic metering and recordkeeping
–  has multiple discharge points to alleviate traffic jams, and
–  provides ease of accessibility and entry for all the haulers

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Once the driver swipes a Dallas key and enters load type (septage or grease), the unit automatically directs a three-way selection plug valve to select the corresponding pipe position. The driver gets a printed receipt when the delivery is completed.


Another exciting article was in the Wilmington Business Journal about the Loyd Ray Farms Swine Waste to Energy project.  Andrew Gray interviewed Gus Simmons, our Director of Engineering about this project, which is getting quite a lot of attention world-wide, and recently won a National Honor Award for Engineering Excellence.  The full article can be found at:

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We also had an article in The News Herald recently about The Town of Rutherford College and the intense measures that they initiated to cut their water loss by one half.  Will Jernigan, our Director of Water Efficiency, and our Asheville team helped them to identify the areas where water loss was occurring, which studied the billing system, monitored the meters, and studied the pipes themselves.  By the Town taking a pro-active approach, they are now able to accurately account for and validate the data, in order to make informed decisions for the future.



Additionally, an article co-authored by Will Jernigan was in the June 2013 issue of Journal AWWA entitled, “Water Loss: The North American dataset,”  which explores the Water Loss Control Committee’s efforts to benchmark and understand utility water losses.

A link to this article can be obtained by clicking below.

We appreciate the time and effort of all who contributed to the Water Loss Control Committee’s study, and commend Will Jernigan and the other authors:  Andrew Chastain-Howley, George Kunkel, and David Sayers for spearheading this study.

See the June 2013 issue: