I recently had an opportunity to review David Sedlak’s excellent Ted Talk on four key ways we can transition from an urban water crisis.

In his talk, David shares with a live audience the four key areas of:

  1. Storm Water Harvesting,
  2. Wastewater Reuse,
  3. Water Conservation,
  4. Seawater Desalination.

Each of these areas are certainly critical however, when David mentions water conservation, he speaks only of demand side conservation. He uses examples of smart irrigation and consumer water use reductions but fails to mention the critically important area of supply side conservation.

To me, reduction of water losses and utility supply side conservation is a critical component as evidenced by the historic landmark legislation that the State of California just passed. This legislation and subsequent funding of a statewide collaborative will provide technical assistance for 451 water utilities to learn how to audit and manage their losses.

I am hopeful that the almost 200,000 viewers of David’s very well done Ted Talk will also see the importance of supply side conservation. One of the most exciting things about this form of conservation is that it frees up additional resources that can be delivered to customers, all while simultaneously increasing revenues.

You may be interested in a recent interview I did on the Water Values Podcast. This interview lays out the outstanding business practices and tools that are readily available from the American Water Works Association (AWWA).

For more information about water loss control please visit the AWWA Water Loss Control Committee website and get involved!