The City of Asheville is located in western North Carolina, or as a friend and local to the area affectionately refers to as ‘the pointy end of the state’. Asheville boasts beautiful Blue Ridge mountain vistas, a thriving arts community, excellent eats and a playground for brewers large and small. A list of recent honors the city has received according to the Asheville Convention and Visitors Bureau includes, but certainly not limited to: Friendliest Cities in the U.S., Small Cities with World-Class Food Scenes, Greatest Music Cities, and Best Cities for Beer Drinkers. Ok, I’m sold…let’s go!

If you sit down with Brandon Buckner, City of Asheville Water Resources Department, and Will Jernigan, Director of Water Efficiency – Cavanaugh, you will hear something else that has put Asheville on the map; it’s Non-Revenue Water (NRW) Program.  Asheville formally launched its NRW program in 2012, focusing heavily on the identification and reduction of water losses, recognizing that efficiency gains in water loss reduces costs, improves revenues and serves to mitigate risk for future water supplies.

So, grab your favorite beer and join Brandon and Will as they share this great case study recently published in Water Finance & Management, Cutting Its Losses: City of Asheville’s NRW Program.