NRW Outreach

Sharing knowledge for a better future

Globally, water utilities are learning and accepting the critical importance of managing Non-Revenue Water (NRW) in their systems. Unfortunately, many utilities have inherited poor operational behaviors and are so strapped for resources – personnel and financial – that it is difficult to embrace efficiency changes.

NRW OutreachCavanaugh is a leader in policy and regulatory outreach, utility training, and performance improvement guidance. Across North America, Cavanaugh provides regional NRW outreach and education workshops, working through local associations, state sections of AWWA and leading outreach agencies like the Alliance for Water Efficiency. Globally, we serve to inform and educate water system owners and operators of better, more efficient management practices that will leverage our precious fresh water supplies for generations to come.

Our mission in the field of water efficiency is to promote awareness and widespread adoption of best practices for NRW management. Our work, directly with clients, ties with this mission every day. Our work through AWWA and IWA targets outreach nationally and internationally. In all that we do, we strive to be teachers and stewards.